Regular Season (2019 - Spring)

Sprint   1

Sprint 1: Introduction & Discovery

Youth Coding League players get a chance to explore Scratch, a block-based coding learning tool developed by MIT, and to create their first program.

Sprint   2

Sprint 2: Dance Party

Players create a dance party animation.

Sprint   3

Sprint 3: Musical Art

Players create a colorful collage by programming a repeating pattern, and make the colors in their collage play a sound.

Sprint   4

Sprint 4: Musical Talent Show

Plays create a Musical Talent Show.

Sprint   5

Sprint 5: DJ Mixer

Players choose a repeating loop of background music and program a slider that speeds up or slows down a sound.

Sprint   6

Sprint 6: Music Video

Players create a music video using procedures, which are new commands made up a set of instructions.

Sprint   7

Sprint 7: Movie Sound Effects

Players create a project where a sprite bounces off another or adds to their Sprint 6 project.

Sprint   8

Sprint 8: Thank You Project

Players create a thank you project in Scratch.