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Spring 2020 YCL Championship

Veteran Youth Coding League coders prevailed in the regular season top 10 individual standings as the regular season wrapped up early after Sprint 6 due to school closings.

Eagle Ridge’s Junior High team swept the top 10 of the junior high division rankings with six top-ten finishes. No other team came close to that many coders in top spots, though Scott County Central and St. Vincent de Paul’s middle school division teams had two coders each in the top 10. Scott County Central brought home high honors with both first and second-place individual finishes in the middle school division. 85% of the top ten placing coders come from veteran Youth Coding League teams with more than one semester of competition under their belts. New-to-the-league teams at Clark Elementary in Paducah and Chaffee High School’s Junior High team each boasted top-ten regular season placing coders.


Top 10 Regular Season Coders, Middle School Division

RankCoder, SchoolScore
1Bailey, Scott County Central359
2Grayson, St. Vincent de Paul358
2Jamie, Scott County Central358
4Asher, Jackson Middle School357
4Hayden, Chaffee357
4Will, St. Henry357
4Payton, Richland357
8Eli, St. Vincent de Paul356
9Caleb, Jackson Middle School355
9Sydney, Jackson Middle School355
9Emma, Clark Elementary, Paducah355

Top 10 Regular Season Coders, Junior High Division

RankCoder, SchoolScore
1Ayne', Chaffee359
2Lydia, Eagle Ridge355
3Kaylee, Eagle Ridge353
4Kaelyn, Chaffee352
5Ava, Eagle Ridge345
6Anna, Jackson Junior High340
7JJ, Eagle Ridge338
8Cohen, Eagle Ridge337
9Landon, Eagle Ridge332
10Crosby, St. Paul330

These all-stars are bringing home cold, hard cash for their achievements. Here's how they won big - for each sprint during the regular season of a semester of YCL competition, coders can win up to 60 points for attendance, participation in the curriculum, completing their work on time, answering discussion questions thoughtfully, completing the day's tasks and going the extra mile. They can also earn badges by completing Epics that present more challenges. Scores are posted each week, with individual scores contributing to team scores, and at the end of the season we reward the top 10 placing coders.

Youth Coding League top placing coders were not able to participate in Sprints 7 or 8, as the Spring 2020 season was cut short due to school closings, and rankings were compiled based on Sprints 1-6.