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Empower Your Children Through the Youth Coding League

The Youth Coding League is an innovative and complete learning program that introduces 5th-8th graders to computer science and coding. The YCL focuses on access, inclusion, and self-efficacy for all.


How Do I Get My Child Involved?

  1. Check if your child’s school or organization is participating! Our Roster will show you all participating schools and organizations this semester.
  2. If your child’s school or organization is participating, contact the leadership! They’ll have all the details on how your child can sign up.
  3. If your child’s school or organization is NOT participating, check out our information below on how to bring the Youth Coding League to your community.
Coders at work
Some things I learned about myself, by coding, was that I am really smart and can do things I thought I would never do. - YCL Student

What Students and Parents are Saying About YCL

Bring YCL to Your School or Organization!

By bringing the Youth Coding League to your school or organization, you aren’t just giving your kids another extracurricular activity. You’re giving students a whole new purpose, highly sought-after career skills, better grades, and future-ready skills—and we can’t wait to be a part of your community, so let’s do this!

Next Steps

  • Get in touch with your child’s school or organization leadership and ask them to book a call with Stacy to talk through specifics.
  • We’ll talk through coach selection and team formation with your school or organization leaders, do some paperwork, and be ready to go when coach trainings begin right before the start of your next semester.
  • Looking for materials to share with the decision-makers at your child’s school or organization? Check out the materials below: